Panasonic Viera Smart TV
browser (TX-LR32E6)

Rare species: some time ago I had fun exploring exotic browsers on some not so common devices. This is one of such studies.

Screen resolution 1920 × 1080
Viewport size 1256 × 630
Browser WebKit-powered
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (X11; FreeBSD; U; Viera; ru-RU) AppleWebKit/537.11 (KHTML, like Gecko) Viera/3.3.2 Chrome/23.0.1271.97 Safari/537.11
Acid3 100/100, with bugs
HTML5 Test 333/555
CSS3 Test 54%

Browser runs on WebKit (looks like a modified version of Chrome). It’s pretty slow, especially when dealing with animations.


Remote control

The browser is controlled with a remote control (you can optionally plug in keyboard and mouse). The cursor is controlled with directional keys on the remote. Colored keys are contextual. When viewing sites, they control zooming and switching between "moving" and "dragging" cursor modes. Zooming doesn’t affect the viewport size.

Both :hover and :active states work fine, but :active state is triggered after a short delay.

Scrolling is done by moving the cursor to the edge of the screen. Internal overflowed blocks can be scrolled by pressing arrow buttons on the scrollbar, which can be tricky. Scrollbars are constantly visible.


Acid3 test is passed with bugs:

Feature tests

Feature tests are done using Modernizr. Full table of my tests on google docs.

Feature Test Actual result
backgroundsize True True
bgsizecover True True
borderradius True True
boxshadow True True
boxsizing True True
cssanimations True True (-webkit-)
cssgradients True True (-webkit-)
csstransforms True True (-webkit-)
csstransforms3d False True (-webkit-)
csstransitions True True (-webkit-)
fontface True True
mediaqueries True True
opacity True True
rgba True True
textshadow True True
touch False False


The only default fonts available are sans-serif and monospace. Fantasy, cursive and serif fall back to sans-serif. External fonts are supported without noticible problems.


Browser’s support for new input types is pretty weak:

There’s no datepicker. Onscreen keyboard doesn’t apadt to input types. Validation works for email and url input types, required and pattern attributes also work fine.


Almost fully-featured Chrome in terms of rendering, although pretty slow and with fiddly UI.